Song of the Day: The Paper Chase – We Know Where You Sleep

Artist: The Paper Chase
Album: Now You Are One of Us
Song: We Know Where You Sleep

If you remember back a mere two weeks ago, I started you on your Official Summer Nighttime Driving Playlist. Today, we begin the only mix you’ll ever need for a Halloween party. There’s a right way to kick off October 31st, and a lot of wrong ways. The right way is with the unsettling sound of scissors opening and closing. I have no idea why it sounds creepy.

Thus begins “We Know Where You Sleep.” I fell in love with The Paper Chase as soon as I heard them. As you may have noticed, horror is important to me and embodies a lot of what I write about. This band is pure monster music. It’s indie rock with a definite unique approach. If there’s one thing that attracts me to a band, it’s doing something different than everyone else. I also appreciate the song titles that look like they’re taken out of a particularly poetic serial killer’s diary.

I used this song for one of my themes on a wrestling video game. I don’t know if that will help or dissuade you from deciding to listen. I just wanted to make you aware. It was a really great entrance.

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