Song of the Day: Faith No More – King for a Day

Artist: Faith No More
Album: King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime
Song: King for a Day

Here’s some behind the scenes trivia for today’s post: I nearly wrote it on Faith No More’s “Caffeine” instead of “King for a Day.” I decided to start with the FNM song containing less screaming. I am nothing if not flexible when it comes to luring in potential listeners with a band’s more approachable work. Then I’ll hit you with the screaming.

I’m willing to bet that most of you have at least heard of Faith No More, likely because of their big hit “Epic” in the early nineties. That’s another amazing song, and one I would have posted on day one if this was a list of best music videos. However, I’ve always thought that the title track from “King for a Day” was criminally underrated. It’s catchy! It has a great chorus! It shows off Mike Patton’s incredible range! I snuck in a song with some yelling at the end!

You should know that FNM is one of my top bands of ALL time. I’ll be suggesting way more of their stuff, if I keep this series up. There are also 250 other Mike Patton projects that I love with all my heart. Each is unique and wonderful. I’m pretty sure each features Mike Patton screaming like a champ, too. So get used to it.

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