Song of the Day: Faith No More – King for a Day

Artist: Faith No More
Album: King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime
Song: King for a Day

Here’s some behind the scenes trivia for today’s post: I nearly wrote it on Faith No More’s “Caffeine” instead of “King for a Day.” I decided to start with the FNM song containing less screaming. I am nothing if not flexible when it comes to luring in potential listeners with a band’s more approachable work. Then I’ll hit you with the screaming.

I’m willing to bet that most of you have at least heard of Faith No More, likely because of their big hit “Epic” in the early nineties. That’s another amazing song, and one I would have posted on day one if this was a list of best music videos. However, I’ve always thought that the title track from “King for a Day” was criminally underrated. It’s catchy! It has a great chorus! It shows off Mike Patton’s incredible range! I snuck in a song with some yelling at the end!

You should know that FNM is one of my top bands of ALL time. I’ll be suggesting way more of their stuff, if I keep this series up. There are also 250 other Mike Patton projects that I love with all my heart. Each is unique and wonderful. I’m pretty sure each features Mike Patton screaming like a champ, too. So get used to it.

Song of the Day: The Paper Chase – We Know Where You Sleep

Artist: The Paper Chase
Album: Now You Are One of Us
Song: We Know Where You Sleep

If you remember back a mere two weeks ago, I started you on your Official Summer Nighttime Driving Playlist. Today, we begin the only mix you’ll ever need for a Halloween party. There’s a right way to kick off October 31st, and a lot of wrong ways. The right way is with the unsettling sound of scissors opening and closing. I have no idea why it sounds creepy.

Thus begins “We Know Where You Sleep.” I fell in love with The Paper Chase as soon as I heard them. As you may have noticed, horror is important to me and embodies a lot of what I write about. This band is pure monster music. It’s indie rock with a definite unique approach. If there’s one thing that attracts me to a band, it’s doing something different than everyone else. I also appreciate the song titles that look like they’re taken out of a particularly poetic serial killer’s diary.

I used this song for one of my themes on a wrestling video game. I don’t know if that will help or dissuade you from deciding to listen. I just wanted to make you aware. It was a really great entrance.

Song of the Day: Jens Lekman – A Postcard to Nina

Artist: Jens Lekman
Album: Night Falls Over Kortedala
Song: A Postcard to Nina

Here’s another “great accent” song! Today it’s Jens Lekman, Swedish pop extraordinaire. The whole record this song is off of is pretty genius. There’s a reason I bought it on vinyl. From top to bottom, it’s perfectly crafted and catchy. It was also eight dollars.

Out of the songs I’ve suggested thus far, this has my favorite story. I won’t detail it all line by line, because you have ears. By all means use them on the link above. Just listen to the tale that Jens spins on top of pop perfection. It’s funny and poignant and repeatedly refers to Nina’s father as “fahder.” That hits all of my bullet points for an amazing track. There are so many A+ lyrics that I don’t want to spoil, so you have to promise me you’ll give it a shot.

Just picture listening to an album like this in a hammock, glass of lemonade in hand, on your porch in April. That’s the way it should be enjoyed. I don’t own a hammock, but darn it this song makes me want to buy one.