Song of the Day: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Bomb.Repeat.Bomb

Artist: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
Album: Living With the Living
Song: Bomb.Repeat.Bomb

I’m kind of ashamed of myself for not thinking to recommend Ted Leo the first week. It seems impossible to find someone who actively dislikes his music. Maybe it’s because his has one of the more engaging voices in music today. Maybe it’s because he dressed in drag for the cinematic masterpiece that was the music video for New Pornographers – Moves. Maybe it’s because of great songs like this one.

Generally, I’m not one to gravitate towards overly political songs, even when I agree with them. The exception is when they rock as hard as BOMB REPEAT BOMB does. The points made are all great ones, regardless of format. I’m just more willing to listen when the chorus makes me punch the air while driving.

Also, one time I had all 15,000+ songs from my ipod on shuffle and suddenly really wanted to hear this track. I pressed the next song and IT WAS THIS ONE. I’m married and that’s still one of the top ten highlights of my life.

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