Song of the Day: Run the Jewels – Ddfh

Artist: Run the Jewels
Album: Run the Jewels
Song: Ddfh

I was pretty excited to see a new El-P project spring up a few years ago. His work as a rapper is great, but I’ve always been even more impressed with his production. He’s the master of beats, both catchy and fist-pumping. So from the get-go, it was a given that his teaming with Killer Mike would produce some top-notch stuff. Then they exploded and became the new biggest thing in hip-hop.

I’d hope you’d have heard of Run the Jewels by now, but if not- well that’s what I’m here for. Ddfh is a great starting place to see exactly what I’m talking about with El-P’s beats. If you’re not nodding your head along with it, I can only assume you are deaf or recovering from a car accident and therefore have to keep your neck perfectly still. Add in Killer Mike’s great voice and rhymes and boy howdy, you have a kick-butt mix.

This is just one of many great tunes on their debut album. You know it’s good, because bad albums don’t get remixed with cat sound effects. Well, I guess they might, but only RTJ could get away with making me listen to something called Meow the Jewels.

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