Song of the Day: Modest Mouse – Tundra/Desert

Artist: Modest Mouse
Album: This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About
Song: Tundra/Desert

It’s fitting that this was the Modest Mouse song to come up on today’s shuffle. It’s from the first MM album I listened to, which in turn is what led me down the path of my current musical tastes. I was a mere child of 17, ignorant to all of the wonders indie rock held. A fool!

Long-time readers (LOL!) of this site should know how much I love this band. It was their concert that forced me to go against every nervous bone in my body, which is all of them, and buy a ticket. I wrote a lot of words about it, which you can read here:

Anxiety, Modest Mouse and Second-Hand Pot Smoke

Basically, I got a contact high, saw a girl get dumped on her head, and had a blast.

This may be the best song of all time to play in the car, because that moment at 1:35 of “aahhhhhhhhhhh SHIT” is the most fun to yell, and the only places that’s socially acceptable are in your car or at a Modest Mouse show.

17 year old Dan and 28 year old Dan can’t both be wrong. It’s a musical treat.

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