Song of the Day: Hunx & His Punx – Mud In Your Eyes

Artist: Hunx & His Punx
Album: Street Punk
Song: Mud In Your Eyes

This band’s name is so great, I’d be tempted to recommend them based on that alone. It just so happens that they are really good too. Garage rock is fun in general because it usually sounds like The Beach Boys singing about blood and curse words through a tin can. Add to it the showmanship and character of Hunx (and his punx!) and you’ve got that extra pizzazz that lands a song on this prestigious blog.

This is another band I only recently discovered, and this track was an instant stand-out for me. What sealed the deal was the vocals. As stated many times, the more unconventional a voice is, the more I like it. Seth Bogart’s delivery on this particular song is barking and almost strangled-sounding. I’m maybe in the minority on this one, but it adds so much to the presentation. When you’re singing about someone’s less-than-perfect physical appearance, your voice should be less-than-perfect, damn it!

It’s hard for me to focus on one song from a a garage rock-type album, because it’s really an all-encompassing listening experience. It’s the kind of thing I’ll put on when I want to break stuff, but melodically. This just happens to be the one moment in time on this gem of a record that stuck with me the most.

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