Song of the Day: Gogol Bordello – Lost Innocent World

Artist: Gogol Bordello
Album: Pura Vida Conspiracy
Song: Lost Innocent World

Let’s start off our second week with the weirdest song yet. I actually just started listening to this band a few days ago. Full disclosure, I gave them a shot despite being put off by the “gypsy punk” label. It sounded like it would have a lot of horns and be super irritating. I don’t like music that seems gimmicky, for the mot part. Nevertheless, I gave it a spin. And you know what? I didn’t like it.

Luckily, I don’t give up that easily and can admit when I’m biased. As I got farther into the record, I found myself digging it more. It was way more than the term “gypsy punk” would suggest and to narrow it to that would be a disservice. By the time it got to Lost Innocent World the hook was set. If there’s one way for a band to win me over, it’s with unconventional Ukrainian accents. Plus, this song in particular is just so darn catchy.

I’ll admit that I can see why some people would brush Gogol Bordello off as hipster nonsense. Those people are missing out. For me, it came down to measuring how fun the music was against how annoying stereotypical fans might be. In the end, it’s dumb to let outside factors affect your enjoyment of an art-form. I’m dumb sometimes. Judging purely on the music, it has my full endorsement. Just pretend you’re punching a musical elitist in the face during each beat of the chorus. I think that might help.

Three cheers for gypsy punk!

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