Song of the Day: Astronautalis – Oceanwalk

Artist: Astronautalis
Album: You And Yer Good Ideas
Song: Oceanwalk

I’m going to switch it up today after three bangers in a row. Not that this man doesn’t have some A+ bangers in his own right. Trust that he does, and that you’ll be hearing them here eventually. This just happens to be a more low-key offering. Feel free to play it and nod your head as you read.

Astronautalis is the first rap artist I had a chance to see live. It was shortly after I started on my antidepressant/anti-anxiety medicine. That definitely is what made me face my fear of small spaces with far too many people. The several beers I had beforehand helped a little too. But I wouldn’t have done it for anything less than a rapper that I love.

It was an amazing show, stacked with both old and new classics. Plus, he busted out his trademark trick of asking people in the crowd for topics and free-styling on them. The guy seamlessly blended together rhymes about a soda I’ve never heard of and unwanted U2 albums appearing on Apple products.

It got even better when Oceanwalk ended the set. This was one of the first tracks of his that I got hooked on. It’s an insight into his experiences growing up in Florida. This is definitely the sort of song you can put on a nice pair of headphones and feel a part of, even if you were raised thousands of miles away from the nearest beach. It sounds cliche, but not a lot of people, in my experience, nail it quite this perfectly.

Like yesterday’s post, my wife Caitlin had heard the song even before I did. Her friend put it on a mix CD he gave her before moving away, and I think she was even more stoked to hear it than I was. She told Astronautalis as much after the show, when he graciously talked with concert-goers and took a picture with one exhilarated, nervous fan who had a pretty hard buzz going on.

(it was me)

This track means a lot, is what I’m saying.

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