Times Are Changing (I HOPE)

I’m not very good at this. It’d be easy to blame it on working a lot, or trying to begin preparations for our wedding later this year. Then again, neither of those really have anything to do with me watching the same four shows on Netflix every night. I’m hoping that warmer weather increases my writing output. There’s not much else to do while sitting on the deck listening to music, at least not anything else that I’d be interested in.

There is a lot I have planned in my head for this site, too. Honest. There’s movies to review, video game contests to be played, pointless lists to create, and more. In addition to that (and in ways at the top of my to-do list) I want to work on the site’s appearance- make it more aesthetically pleasing. Those kinds of things are in the works as well, and again should help the content flow forth with more regularity. It sounds like an excuse and maybe it is partially, but I’m going to be a lot more inclined to post if I see a nice, well-designed site with only three entries.

This is just a quick message with the sole purpose of letting people know I’m not dead, just really lazy. There are plenty of miniscule, unimportant things that make me happy and they deserve to be shared. I’m still desperately trying to find my stride, and any readership at this point is seriously appreciated. Even cursory glances when I post something like this. I promise I’m going to keep trying until I find whatever it is that will make this site into what I envision it as in my mind.

Hopefully, we’ll have fun along the way.

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