Here goes.

Well, it’s about time I got this blog started. I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions because it seems to me that a person should make changes in life based on a genuine want for something different, not on what date the calendar shows. Still, I can get behind why they’re so popular. The weeks following the holidays do feel refreshing, if only because the house is finally starting to smell less like cinnamon. I love Christmas, but I’m also really glad when it’s over and I’m able to clean up and put our skull candelabra back on the table.

Maybe that’s why I feel like starting this now. I do want to make some changes in my life in the coming year, and I think it’ll help me to focus on them if they’re written down. Since one of those goals is to write on as many days as I can (even if it’s something stupid, which 90% of my posts are going to be), I’m already off to a good start!

I’d like to see how long I can go without eating meat. Last year I tried it out for a month, and enjoyed it. Mainly, it’d be something different and a personal challenge, because why not? If you go about it right and do the research, the health benefits are obvious. Aiding me in this quest is the fact that fruits and vegetables are delicious. I want to finally see a psychiatrist about the anxiety issues I’ve always had that are apparently getting worse. Or, at the very least they aren’t getting any better. It’ll be nice to take some responsibility for myself, and at least give myself a chance to get better. I’m not sure if it’ll work, but again, why not try? As a person who relies far too heavily on his comfort zone, it could be the perfect thing to get me started on the path of “not feeling like throwing up at the thought of going to a concert.” Also, a less noble goal is to finish Earthbound for the Super Nintendo, because this is my third time restarting it and I’ll be goddamned if I don’t get Ness past Moonside.

This blog isn’t going to be about only this stuff. It’s going to be about whatever I feel like reviewing, commenting on, showing pictures of, or discussing. Like I said, it’s my hope that I’ll write daily, even if it’s something small that doesn’t make it onto here. The important part is that I write, and get better at it.

Resolutions are a useful tool if you approach them correctly. For me it’s simple; change what you want to see changed for yourself. In the end, I know that I’m the only one I really need to impress.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the Mani Mani statue in Moonside isn’t going to defeat itself. I have a game to beat.

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