Football, Cheese and Stupid Jackets

Us football supporters are coming off of a pretty exciting day. Especially if you’re me, because as a San Francisco 49ers fan I’m riding high on the wave of seeing my team in the Super Bowl. Also the wave of beers and blackberry brandy that I needed to calm my nerves after a reaaaally close game. It’s going to be my first time really getting to see them play on the big stage, being that their last appearance was in 1994. I started following the team in the late 90s, catching the waning days of Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Their chemistry was crazy entertaining to me, and I only wish I’d been a fan in their glory days.

And man, it took a long time to get back to that glory.

They went through a 7-8 year rebuilding period, after losing Young to like 27 concussions and Rice to the Raiders. But that’s changed now. They got back to their winning ways in the last few seasons, and it”s been a lot of fun to watch. Since my roommates and I got NFL Redzone and we can actually see them play, every Sunday has deteriorated into happy/sad yelling and the near-constant throwing of phantom penalty flags.

It’s probable that a lot of the reason I’ve been getting into football a bit more each season is my dad. He was a huge Redskins fan, and I can’t help but think how awesome it’d be to sit and watch a game with him. Sucks pretty hard that the opportunity has passed by, especially since the Redskins made the playoffs this year. I’d give pretty much anything to be able to talk with him about that over a few beers, so it’s just a sort of happy comfort for me.

After I’d recovered from the multiple heart attacks I suffered watching the Niners win, attention had to be turned to the Ravens/Patriots game to see what San Fran is going to be up against. I never thought that I’d be cheering on the Patriots, them being the bane of my existence and whatnot. But, halfway through the game a Ravens defender hit a Patriots player with a hard (and also illegal) helmet-to-helmet shot. The Patriots dude went from “must gain as many yards as possible” to “oh hey I’m a marionette puppet now and also unconscious” within a few seconds.

And if there’s anything I dislike about football, it’s that. A lot of people pine for the days of harder hits, but it’s not cool and it’s not needed. It seems like it’d be better for the future of the sport to limit the concussions and scary “good gravy is that guy okay” moments whenever possible. Not to mention better for the future of the human race for us to not want to permanently injure a person for a chance to get an ugly ring.

All that aside, I am pumped for the Super Bowl. The Ravens ended up winning, so the majority of the game will be spent yelling at San Francisco’s rookie QB, Colin Kaepernick, to run faster so that the Ravens defense doesn’t kill him. I finally have my fitted Niners cap ordered, so it can sit on my head from the second I wake up until the last whistle of the game when I’m either backflipping through a hoop of fire or crawling under my couch crying. I’d feel a bit more confident if I had the 80s gold starter jacket I want, but whatevs.

Pictured: me helping the 49ers win

What I know is that come Sunday, February 3rd I’ll be spending the day with good friends, a few drinks, and a cheese and crackers platter the size of a car. Win or lose, I can enjoy the game and rest easy, knowing that if my dad were here I could at least rub it in that my team got further than his.

J/k love you Dad <3

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